We just started a brand new year, have left behind 2017 which maybe was successful, prosperous, exciting, just how everyone wishes to go through a year.

But if it wasn't that exciting, successful, prosperous and you had to experience setbacks, disappointments, existential stress, sadness and more bad emotions. How are you going to find the strength to start all over again and make the New Year a successful one, one you can talk about for years to come, one that completely changes your life to the greater! Because that is what we want to achieve this year!

For this I want to share 4 steps to start all over again this year and make it a successful Online Business Year!


1.Make a plan

Go over the things you learned in online business, make yourself a plan. Schedule your time for Marketing Activities. What are you going to do, what strategy are you going to choose. Are you going to make Facebook Live, are you going to create content, are you going to make tutorials, are you going to blog, are you going to run ads. Whatever you're going to do, pick one tactic and go for it. Make sure that's a strategy you love and will enjoy doing for at least the next three month. Ask yourself ‘Will I be able to pursue this strategy for three months straight?' If the answer is yes because you can imagine yourself doing it and having fun, then go for it. Make a plan when and how many times a week you're going to do it. Remember we have the tendency to move away from things we don't like or give us pain, that's why you have to make sure that you like what you do.


2. Reasons for your failure

The big word here is REFLECTION! What caused you to fail last time? In order to do better this year, you MUST look at this. What can you change or what did you learn from your last failure? Reflect to recognize it and learn from what you did wrong or didn't do at all! And then just look forward.


3. You need a coach/mentor

You need to have a coach, a mentor. Even if you're a hard-working diligent person, you can't figure out everything by yourself. Especially in online marketing there is so much to learn and if you don't apply everything every day (what's impossible anyway), you're going to forget a lot again. So a coach or a mentor keeps pushing you and shows you your blind spots. The things we don't want to admit or avoid to look at because it's a weakness. A coach usually wants you to succeed more than you want. Remember coaches and mentors are in a position where they already have results, otherwise they wouldn't be coaches. You want to get there too. How do you do that? Simply by following their steps and doing what they do. Copy and learn from them and apply all you learn to your business. Be coachable and teachable! If you don't have a coach or a mentor, then go to the back-office of MLSP and fill in a coaching application, so you have your own coach, which works with you hand in hand.


4. Do not accept setbacks

When you're in a place of darkness or have been knocked down, do not accept it and stay there. Keep your faith, your belief and push yourself through the process and always get back up again. By pushing yourself through the failure you'll overcome weakness and your journey will go straight up again. The strength you feel after you went through a hard time is incomparable to anything … and you'll feel the pride, the satisfaction and get the motivation to do better every day!

Wish you lots of positive emotions for 2018!