Perseverance always pays off
  1. To realize your dream, you need a strategy and you need to stay consistent and focused, always bearing your dream in mind!
  2. You'll meet people they don't want that you succeed, always ready to give negative comments, have resentment towards your success and envy you – this is poison for your mind-setting and threaten your dreams – stay away from such people they are not your friends, keep on cultivate your positive thoughts, do every day what it need to be done, always bearing your goal in mind!
  3. On your way you'll encounter difficulties, you'll have to carry big stones out of your way one after the other – treat them not as problems but as challenges, thereby you get experience, security and you will get stronger!
  4. There will be moments you get tired and you would like to throw everything out of the window , this is precisely the moment where you either can win or lose – stay always outside your comfort zone, because there only growth can take place. Do never give up!!!
  5. If you want something so badly, are willing to be consistent and never give up, you finally will succeed. So did we, we didn't give up and soon we will live and work in our beautiful new Guest House – and you're very welcome!!!

    I wanted to share this with you, because we went through hell and many times doubted if we had made the right decision. Now that the house is built we are so happy that we kept on believing in our dreams and enjoy our new paradise!

Blogging helps people to get to know you and to trust you. This is the most important thing when you want to build up your business – TRUST
5 Lessons I Building A Guesthouse – Being Consistent And Focused