Over the years, our habits can get us into a state of low energy.

We notice it when we are always tired. As a result, energy slows down and creates a kind of apathy.

It may be difficult to get us out of this apathetic state if we are not aware of how our actions contribute to our energy levels.

While you only feel the desire to sit down, lie down and relax, know that these actions actually aggravate the slowdown in your energy, and make you feel even more tired and unproductive.

Fortunately, there is a remedy that works in moments of low energy. If you feel “low energy” and you're always tired, try these techniques.

It may happen that when the energy is low, some of the tips you will read are the last things you will want to do. So the trick is this, choose one thing from the list that you could do. Do it anyways, take a break, and then do something else out of the list.

Here are 7 ways to increase energy levels


1) Get some sunlight and fresh air

If you do not live in an area of ​​the world with a large amount of sunshine, try to make an effort and go out for at least 20 minutes. Sun and fresh air are naturally stimulating. Unfortunately, when you’re in a bad mood, you tend to stay in the house and deprive yourself of this natural energy.

More oxygen, more vitamin D and more dopamine. You will feel more energetic and this will happen almost instantly.


2) Listen to cheerful music

Put headphones on or turn on the car radio and find some music that energizes. Again, you may not want to hear this kind of music, but listening your blood will flow fast and you will feel more energetic.


3) Move

It could be a simple walk around the neighborhood, even better if you have a four-legged companion! Make sure you get out of bed, or get out of the room where you've secluded and get into motion for a few minutes.


4) Take care of yourself

We tend to let go of our appearance when we are in a low energetic state. Do it even if you get up for a few minutes, decide and have a nice relaxing, pampering bath, even if you go to sit again. You will feel a bit stronger and more able to cross another voice out of this list.

Then you will have the courage to leave your home when you feel down. Most people who live in this emotional state do not want to be seen, so one thing to do is go out and face this retrospective mood.


5) Clean up your place

Redefines the environment where you live. It is not necessary to do the “spring cleaning”, but look around, put in order and clean the places you are in. To put it in order, it also means putting some order into oneself. This will help you make you feel better.


6) Leave for quick commissions and …

Go to the bank, or do some shopping, and then do something you would never do in this emotional state, for example a new color or a haircut that changes your look. This will help you to have more self-esteem and to see you with new eyes.


7) Eat Healthy Foods

They prefer organic fruits and vegetables, they are nutritious and give energy. Favorite blueberries, spinach, black beans, red peppers or any other high-energy foodstuff. Even if you prefer to eat chips and biscuits, do a little effort and add some healthy food into the mix that will help replenish the energy in your body.

When we feel in a state of low energy consumption, we usually become quite lazy and apathetic. This slows down the pace of our energy, making it harder to return to a high vibrational state.

So the goal is to gradually rebuild your energy and the desire to live your days, doing what makes you feel really good.

Pick a voice out of the list above, do it, and then take a break. Then also repeat the process. Eventually, what will happen is that you will find yourself full of energy, to return to a higher vibrational state. After a bit of initial work, the advice on this list will not seem so excessive. You will wake up in the morning eager to face what you are going to live and all this will make you feel good.