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My name is Giovanna Brogna, many call me Jovi because it's easier to spell and remember 


I would like to welcome you on my blog, and since you are visiting me, I want to introduce myself so that you get to know me a bit better.

I'm a daughter of immigrants, I was born in Italy but then my parents traveled to Switzerland. So I grew up in Switzerland and attended all my schools here.

My interested always circled around Health, Wellness, Personal Development, Psychology and another great one are animals. I love animals and whenever I can I support different animal organizations.

My passion for Health and Wellness, never left me and so it came that I taped into an MLM with health products and nutritional supplements. The passion even grew when my father died from lung cancer. That was the turning key in my life, so I decided that that I wouldn't want to see this suffering any more. And my goal was to help people to keep healthy, become healthy or even to ease suffering.

The thing with MLM is that you typically have to make those lists of friends and family, make home parties, call and contact strangers, and I simply hated doing that.

My thoughts were circling around an idea to make this work. To make it easier for me and for future reps and clients to get to know my business. I thought there must be a better way to present and promote it. The only thing I knew for sure was, that a 9-5 job wasn't for me. So you can imagine that before I found this marketing system, oh my gosh was I struggling.

After 21 years of doing my MLM business without having much success and not being able to make a living out of it, I was very near to finally give up. I was quite patient don't you think?

Desperately looking for ways how to market my business without chasing friends and familiy anymore, I finally found the solution.

A marketing system with tools that would help me promote my business.

The first thing I noticed was that after using this marketing system, I got leads and for the first time I got constant comments of people who where interested in my business. This was such an amazing feeling!

Since then I'm getting leads every single day from people who chase me instead of me chasing them like it was years ago.

The Best part is that I not only sell my products on a regular basis but I also teach people how to set up their own business without struggling so many years like I did.

Thanks to this marketing system I can spend more and more time working independently from home, no matter from which country, without having to leave my family behind. This gives me a lot of joy, happiness and fun.

This opportunity enables me to build up my home business, helping and teaching more people, to be successful and to get financially free!

I’m pleased to share interesting value with you through my blog. So check it out from time to time! I always interested to get to know you and to share all the important things in life which are so needed to keep our body, mind and soul healthy!!!

I would enjoy hearing from you! Feel free to get in touch with me. You can also speak and write me in German or Italian!

Looking forward

Love Jovi


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