Prospecting versus Marketing


Knowing the difference between prospecting and marketing. I muss confess I didn't know the word prospecting, most probably because English isn't my first language.

There is the active way to market in your business and that's prospecting.
And there is the passive way to market, that's marketing via blog, FB Live, podcasts, billboard, flyers, cards ecc.


When you want to bring up your network marketing business to your potential prospects, how do you do that?


Of course you can do it directly by talking physically to a person. Or you can do it via social media. You will ask yourself ‘but how'?

As an online marketer your putting out content and value on a daily basis. Certainly you get responses, engagements and comments on your posts and contents.

Now you notice who is engaging with you on a regular basis, showing interest on what you do and via messenger you could contact that person directly and say something like that:

Hey ‘xyz' I see that you like my content and engage/comment on it, I would like to thank you for that. I like sharing inspirational stuff and support people with personal development themes, I'm really happy to serve people. By the way beside that I have a really lucrative business. I see that you're a very active guy/gall and I'm looking for interesting, powerful people to work with me. It may be or not a fit for you, are you open to have a look inside? If you're interested I'm more than happy to send you more info's. If not, I'm totally ok with that and we stay connected anyway, totally cool, no problem!”

This can be a possible approach to new prospect. And you'll immediately get to know if the person is interested or not.
Prospecting is an active way to recruit.

We humans have the tendency to criticize ourselves a lot, and blaming us for all we didn't achieve. Furthermore we want to do everything in a perfect manner, this way we find ourselves overthinking all the time, with the hope to make it perfect before we start.

The don'ts:
– Don't be to hard on yourself, do not criticize you all the time, allow yourself to take your time
– Do not overthink, hoping to make it perfect later, this keeps you away from DOING

But we want to Do and we move forward imperfectly !!!