Aren't the Amalfi Coast and Salerno breathtaking?
  1. Discovering the AMALFI COAST in time lapse
    The video is amazing, but if you have been there you know that any picture or video you ever make, is never going to reflect the real beauty of this coast! It's a good location to visit!
  2. Port of Salerno – In the heart of Mediterranean
    The Amalfi Coast starts with Sorrento and ends with Salerno. A beautiful modern city which has a very important commercial and civil harbour. In the past it was even more important than the harbour of Naples. Christmas time is very famous because of the Lights of Salerno!!! It's well worthy to visit!
Thank to this Blog I'm able to share a small part of beautiful South Italy with you!!! Its nature, culture and traditions are spectacular and unique!!!
Aren't the Amalfi Coast and Salerno breathtaking?