Millionaires – 3 Attitude They Do Not Have


Have you ever asked yourself why money flows to people who already have money?

The first thing you have to consider is, that wealthy people are never victims.

They think ‘I design my Life’, not ‘Life happens to me’. Wealthy people are the architectures of their life.

I want to share 3 victim attitude with you that distinguish wealthy people from poor people, without the intention of discriminating poor people, this is just to explain you the difference between the two.


Victim attitude no 1 Blaming others


It’s like a play, on how many people or things can you point your finger. And this without even trying to find out or think that the reason of your failure could be you. It could be you doing something wrong or it could be you because you don't even make the first step to change something.

People with this attitude find always a reason around them as why they fail. People around you sense that and be assured they will make everything to avoid you whenever they can, because they just feel uncomfortable in your presence. They know that you’re used to target them … to blame them for your failures.

People with a victim attitude blame the economy, the political situation, the stock market, their broker, the business, their boss, their employee, the manager, they look for the blame everywhere. They don’t spend 1 second thinking that it could be their fault.


Victim attitude no 2 Justifying themselves


If these people aren’t busy with blaming others then they’re busy with justifying their situation.

Like ‘Money isn’t really important’

‘Money isn’t everything in life’

But do you really think that money would stay with you if you think it’s not important? Sure not. Money stays where it is welcome, where it is appreciated, where it is spent consciously. These people justify their financial inability with irrelevant comparisons like:

‘Money isn’t as important as love’

This phrase makes no sense, is the first thing replacing the second or vice versa! To give you an example: Is your arm more important than your leg? That’s bullshit.

If you have the opinion that money isn’t important in your life, you just won’t see any! Simple as that¨


Victim attitude no 3 Moaning


Since I believe in the law of attraction, the worst you can do to worsen your health and your wealth is moaning. Think about this one second …. Wherever your focus is, that is what is going to expand!

On what do you focus when you’re complaining? On what is going well in your life or on what’s not working?

Of course by complaining your focusing on what’s not going right. And remember, on what you’re focusing that’s going to expand and will get bigger and bigger.

That’s law of attraction. Same attracts the same!

The more you complain the more you attract negative. The more negative you are the more you complain! It’s a spiral!

Makes sense, don’t you think?

Have you noticed that people who complain a lot have a quite heavy life? If you want to get rid of this attitude stay away from people who moan constantly, because negative energy is contagious.

So by now you have understood what wealthy people never ever do.

  1. They are not blaming others but looking for their own responsibilities
  2. They do not justify their situations but take action to change them
  3. They do not moan but change things by leaving their comfort zone