We have 24h a day.

Do we use them in a valuable way?

I way that pays us back in more productivity, more creativity, better memory, more healthy and overall well-being.

Most of the time humans find excuses for everything. And at the end of the day they find themselves regretting that an other day passed by without them doing something meaningful.

In order to feel better and be proud of yourself, set yourself small goals throughout the day.

I setup 6 tips, which make you feel better and grow your personality and self-belief.


1. Keep a daily journal

Write down meaningful things you accomplish during the day. in the morning: What good will I accomplish today? In the evening: What good did I do today?


2. Naps


A research has proven that a daily nap can dramatically increase creativity, better your memory, and increase productivity.


3. A 15 Minutes walk a day


A daily walk can do wonders for you, it refreshes your mind and body, it increases creativity, it empties your mind, it helps your blood circulation, it calms you down, it reduces stress, your sleep gets better, your cardio improves, and you won't believe it reduces mortality by 22%.


4. Reading


All great names of the past and of the present days read daily. Reading is accumulating wisdom. You only learn and grow if you read. Doing it daily you never run out of content.


5. Have conversations every day


Have some deep conversations every day. It's easy when you have to leave your house for work, you obviously encounter people whole day long. It's a bit more difficult if you have a home business, then you have to force yourself to go out, for instance you make your 15 minutes walk with a friend so you can have conversations. Or you pause what you're doing and call someone on the phone, just to have a conversation. That expands your mind, you reflect things and share with your conversation partner. Think about that: Conversation is the foundation of creativity, conversation is social!!!


6. Celebrate Your Success


Success is a direct result of how many experiences you make per day. Every experience implement the positive fact that you have tried. Did you fail, or make a mistake? So what!!! You just start over again and don't give up. Every little experience which ends with a success, you need to celebrate! You can clap your shoulder, you did well and succeeded!


Wish you the clarity to recognize every little success and to value it high!