That's what happen to me right now. I'm looking for a new job and today I wrote the 48th application . 7 of them are still active, this means I can still hope to get a phone call. For the other 41 I already got a negative response…….. Does it mean the end, if you lose your job? No, life is still going on – and is perhaps more livable than before!

10 Tips for the correct behavior after loosing your job:

1) Think positive! It can not be said often enough – a positive attitude makes one stronger and also conveys the environment a better image of itself.

2) Networking is the key word! Find out what your passion is and go for it!

3) Monitor the market! Do not be caught off-guard, but keep the reins as a decision-maker in your hands.

4) Invest in your education! Especially when the competition is high, you should extend your lead. If your employer should not appreciate your commitment – other companies do!

5) Fixed-term contracts! Look at your trial period as a trial period for the company itself –  could be that you get tired after a few years and want to do something else. Give yourself the importance you deserve!

6) Take it easy Do not overestimate big important-looking companies, do not be intimidated and give yourself a chance.

7) Shit happens! Whether nowadays you can keep your job or not, often has nothing to do with the personal performance. So you should always keep a mental distance and find out the right work quota which best fits to you.

8) Be thankful – the job is gone! Sometimes you can only be happy when decisions are taken for you. Now you have the time to think about you, find out what your desires are and act accordingly!

9) Fear of unemployment? Your health is your most valuable asset – therefore recharge your batteries, and use the time to get fit for the next job.

10)Off to new shores! With good friends and family as well as a good dose of positive energy you can overcome well many crises!

Hope this helps! It helped me!

See you on the next blog

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