What do you think about charity?

11 reasons why you should support the children's charity

World Vision:

Sad Child

  1) Not only the child is supported, but also their families and their entire environment
  2) The organization enable access to clean drinking water and sanitation for every child
  3) Each child receives basic medical care and is adequately nourished and balanced
  4) In principle, every child should be respected and protected from misuse
  5) Access to a basic education for every child. The girls are encouraged, in turn, can learn a trade and  thus        contribute to the maintenance of the family
  6) The parents can support their family due to a sufficient income 
  7) The population learns to supply itself
  8) World Vision is a trustworthy organization, you can visit the adopted child at any time
  9) Their values are justice, solidarity, respect, partnership, responsibility
10) Their commitment: reliability, holistic, network, unconditionally
11) Strategies: authenticity, efficiency, inspirational



The results are visible!!! Happy children and parents!!! 

I'm personally have a sponsorship for almost 10 years now. The boy I support lives in Nigeria and turned 16.

I'm proud of him, he's attending the college and wants to be a policeman one day. 

So I can encourage everybody who's thinking about participating in a charity. 

If you chose a serious one it's all worth it!

World Vision a Cause I Care About